The price is set up at the amount of 24000 Euro.

Check the technical data of the unit, picked out from the catalog of CATERPILLAR 966G wheel loader.

Look at the technical data of the unit.

The vehicle was manufactured in 2013.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 22750 kg.

Engine/driveline: diesel, 253 hp, engine: Caterpillar 3306DITA , battery: available, battery charger, power take-off, retarder/intarder, ASR, hydraulic tank capacity: 410 L.

Cab comforts include cabin, additional lights, working lights, electric mirrors, heater, seat belts, airbags, radio, leather.

Body: body: very good condition, body material: stainless steel, loading volume: 3.3 m³, pump, gauge, tool box, spare wheel holder.

Exterior measurements: length – 8825, width – 2960, height – 3590.

Mileage: 3774 km.

Number of hours: 3265.

The unit’s location is in NO.1 #600 Chefeng Rd Songjiang Area, Shanghai, China, China.

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NO.1 #600 Chefeng Rd Songjiang Area, Shanghai, China